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About Us

SwapHippo is an UK based online shopping site with its presence mostly in the UK, India, and Middle East. We allow registered customers/retailers of our service to buy or sell their products online. Additionally, it also serves as an online marketplace where you can buy and sell pre-owned products. Although Swaphippo is a relatively new online retailer, the site provides members with amazing deals on a wide variety of over 4000 different products. SwapHippo also allows visitors to easily and effectively narrow their search as per their specific needs.

Regardless of your budget, SwapHippo promises the best prices as well as the best service.

Swap It!

SwapHippo allow you to swap your products directly with the product/service of another person.

Sell It!

Sell your products through SwapHippo with ease.

Auction It!

SwapHippo allows you to easily auction a product and get the best possible price for it.